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Protecting - Supporting Patients


Blesstia is relatively new in the field but its short history includes some of the major scientific advances of the recent decades in the field of modern homeopathy. 


We are proud to declare that our premises are GMP certified by the Pharmaceutical Authorities of the Ministry of Health and the Veterinary Services of the Ministry of Agriculture, and included in the European EudraGMDP database. Our efforts to address the root causes of disease are focused in developing and producing innovational Pharmaceutical Homeopathic Syntheses.

At the same time, Blesstia considers the problem of counterfeit medicines very seriously, since it is a complicated issue that entails many challenges.
The scale, complexity and covert nature of the counterfeiting activities makes its prevention quite demanding. Our effort is focused into making any attempts of counterfeiting our medicinal products as difficult as possible.


Building strong, collaborative partnerships in order to strengthen enforcement, raise awareness, and provide advocacy have proven an efficient shield against counterfeiting.


Reporting and professional investigation of any suspicious activities is one of the pillars of our defensive actions. We also encourage all of our employees to report any suspicious events of possible illegal trade of medicines that may come to their attention, along with all of our partners - including suppliers, agents, wholesalers or distributors and retail pharmacies, while we ensure the authenticity of the product through the end-to-end supply chain monitoring.

In addition, we conduct specialized training in order to raise awareness for counterfeiting and other types of illegal trade in the market. Blesstia has adopted a company-wide anti-counterfeit policy in order to mitigate any risks in this field.

Supporting Patients

Due to the long-held conflict between homeopathic and chemical medicine, the patient and the conventional M.D are in a state of opposition regarding the use of homeopathic medicines in the conventional medical praxis.

Within this context, our commitment towards the patients covers a basic aspect in their healthcare journey, which is the elimination of the fear of disclosure of their use of homeopathic products to their personal Medical Doctor; for that reason, we collaborate with all Healthcare Professionals in order to enhance their understanding of the patients' need for seamless communication while we ensure that our support is accurate and ethical.


We not only work to promote access to high quality affordable medicines, but also to high-fidelity interpersonal relations between patients and M.Ds     by the dismissal of the subliminal and unethical old myths regarding homeopathy, that have led to controversy and dysfunction.


We are committed to maximize the benefits of our products through research and development, but also by highlighting the appropriate use of our products which includes their use in parallel to any other type of therapy.

The possibility for parallel therapy has increased the access of the public to a system of harmonically combined therapies and protects the patients from health hazards caused by misinformation, misunderstanding and misuse of therapies.

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