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Support of the organism that expresses frequent colds.


November 20, 2021


Active substance to be used as starting raw material for the compounding of officinal homeopathic medicine, according to the official homeopathic pharmacopoeias, without indications / conclusive description resulting from repertorizing:

Support of the organism that expresses frequent colds.

Dosage: 3 tablets every day orally

Specific information: Side-effects never manifested. No homeopathic medicine has ever been recalled from circulation due to side-effects or adverse effects. Homeopathic medicines have never manifested synergy when administered simultaneously with any chemical or other medicine.

Recommendation: Before starting any non prescription drug your health condition must be recently fully examined and diagnosed clinicaly and laboratory so as not to be any need for further examination.

Attention: Consult immediately your physician if symptoms persist or worsen.


Product Description

Scientific documentation:

  1. Repertorizing hints as of appendix a:

Attacks / attacks autumn in / abdominal complaints
/ angina tonsilaris / asthma worse / bilious attacks
/ catarrhal attacks / early, until next summer
/ cough, dry, spasmodic, whooping, epidemic /
diarrhoea / eruptions / gastric symptoms and
rheumatism alternating / weakness or tearing,
intervals, at regular / pains, sharp, sudden, like a
stamp / attacks, intermitting / paroxysms, come in,
relapsing continually / attacks moon asthma, at full
/ epilepsy worse / attacks, periodical, at regular
intervals / symptoms in groups / attacks, spring in /
abdominal complaints / asthma, on first of may, for
several years / attacks bilious / coryza / eruptions
/ herpes / face ache from toothache during sharp
east wind / facial neuralgia / fever intermittent
/ gastric symptoms and rheumatism alternating /
prostration / vertigo / attacks sudden, last a short
time, disappear suddenly / attacks summer / asthma
chronic, especially when weather is warm and damp
/ asthma hay, in august / morning coryza / coleque,
in sudden changes / conjunctivitis / diarrhoea,
suddenly / headache, worse every day with the sun
/ influenza / attacks winter / catarrh with cough
/ constipation every monday / cough returns in
february / hemorrhoids worse / headache / neuralgia
worse mid winter / prosopalgia / rheumatism / fever
continues remittent / hoarseness / fever, bronchitis
in / cold, after catching, or getting wet / influenza /
catarrh, cold from taking / cold, function disorders
from taking / cold tendency to take / inflammation
/ catarrhal, with fever, thirst, red face / catarrh,
coryza with / asthma suffocative / larynx trachea
and bronchial, inflammation / irritation sneezing
causes / trachea, inflammation / catarrhal with
hawking, cough, violent inclination to, with
oppression of chest / overheating, tendency to take
cold after overheating /

  1. Materia medica reference as of appendix b.

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