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Global Environmental Management


We are committed to Environmental Stewardship across the product lifecycle, from development through manufacturing, marketing, usage and ultimately disposal.


The production of homeopathic products is an ecological and 'clean' process with almost zero environmental footprint, due to the ecological nature of their manufacturing process which produces no waste.

Blesstia's environmental footprint is also continuously monitored by an integrated system encompassing all our facilities.

Each part of Blesstia’s facilities, from production plants to warehouses and offices, has a different energy profile, meaning we manage energy consumption at site level, and since we actively seek to reduce energy consumption we use special electricity consumption reduction equipment resulting to almost 40% reduction.

Pharmaceuticals in the environment

Due to the ecological nature of homeopathic products, as well as the careful management of our production processes and materials used, there is no risk of accidental release of materials in the environment.


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