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Dear Healthcare Professional,

Congratulations for your choice. You have in your hands Blesstia’s exemplary products of Advanced Homeopathy.

Blesstia is a pharmaceutical company holding GMP certification and registered in the EudraGMDP platform operated by the European Medicines Agency. 'GMP' stands for “Good Manufacturing Practices” which is an international quality system certification, issued after inspection of the competent Pharmaceutical Authorities.

Blesstia is one of the few pharmaceutical companies worldwide that manufactures intermediate homeopathic products for use as starting materials in the compounding of homeopathic medicines under GMP.

Homeopathic products certified for their excellent quality, consistency, and safety, ensure the proper pharmaceutical support for the patient and safeguard your work and enterprise.

Dear Healthcare Professional, please observe and follow with precision the instructions given herein, which form part of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

and apply to the pharmaceutical compounding procedure.

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