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Our primary concern is for patients and public health.

From production to management, Blesstia upholds the highest ethical standards.

A scientific team consisted of M.Ds, pharmacists, molecular biologists and veterinarians, are responsible for formulating the company's policy.

The Board of Directors has appointed five standing committees: the Audit Committee, the Human Resources Committee, the Finance and Investment Committee, the Corporate Responsibility Committee and the Scientific Advisory Committee. Except for the Scientific Advisory Committee, the rest has a charter that formalizes its duties and job description.

GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices

GMP stands for the international term “Good Manufacturing Practices” and a manufacturing plant is cGMP certified after succeeding in strict inspections by the Health Ministry, according to the international set standards.

Blesstia is a pharmaceutical company holding a full cGMP certificate issued by the Health Ministry as well as by the Ministry of Agriculture as published in the European Electronic Database EudraGMDP, and it is one of the few pharmaceutical companies worldwide that produces homeopathic starting materials while possessing full GMP certification.


We are committed to environmental stewardship across our products' lifecycle, from development through manufacturing, marketing, usage and ultimately disposal, although the production of homeopathic products is an ecological and 'clean' process with almost zero environmental footprint.

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