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Support of the organism for the inactivity and sedentary lifestyle.


November 20, 2021


Active substance to be used as starting raw material for the compounding of officinal homeopathic medicine, according to the official homeopathic pharmacopoeias, without indications / conclusive description resulting from repertorizing:

Support of the organism for the inactivity and sedentary lifestyle.

Dosage: 3 tablets every day orally.

Specific information: Side-effects never manifested. No homeopathic medicine has ever been recalled from circulation due to side-effects or adverse effects.

Homeopathic medicines have never manifested synergy when administered simultaneously with any chemical or other medicine.

Recommendation: Before starting any non prescription drug your health condition must be recently fully examined and diagnosed clinicaly and laboratory so as not to be any need for further examination.

Attention: Consult your physician immediately if symptoms persist or worsen.


Product Description

Scientific documentation:

1. Repertorizing hints as of appendix a:

Tissues, emaciation, while living well, exhaustion,
dropsy, from weakness of heart, tissues, hydrogenoid
constitution, oxaluria, pancreatic diseases,
phosphatic diathesis / hard, pulse and circulation,
blood, anemia, malassimilation, scrobiculum
and stomach / stomach, digestion, defective
assimilation, stages of life and constitution,
constitution, (diathesis), weakly / assimilation
imperfect / temperment, nervous, sensitive /
imperfectly nourished, from imperfect assimilation
/ assimilation defective, references / diabetes,
references, pruritus of diabetes / references, heart,
angina, heart, circulation and pulse anxiety with
/ blood vessels, distended, visible, constriction,
grasp, squeezed, exertion agg., heart-beat and
pulse, body over wall, full and weak, intermittent,
irregular, palpitation, anxious, nervous, from
slight exertion, faintness with, anger agg., anguish,
hangs by a thread, references / respiration, heart
symptoms with / references, stomach, digestion,
disorder, eructations, relief without, nauseous,
full, loud noisy / appetite, affected, changed in
general, craves, condiments, spices, hunger, attacks
of sickness before / references, appetite, lost, by day
only, nibbling, emaciation, appetite with / abdomen,
flabby, when walking, trails were hanging loose and,
hanging, across pelvis, and bladder, weight were /
abdomen, hanging, down and relaxed, stomach and
intestines were/ stomach, appetite, had vanished
forever, anus and stool, diarrhoea undigested, or
like chopped eggs, with loss of appetite, and great
sleepiness / generalities, great emaciation with
good appetite, always hungry, but growing poor,
no matter how much he eats, mammae, dwindle, and
hang down/ constitution and temperament, growing
too fat and thick, with young persons, inclined to
unhealthy corpulence, with sometimes deformed
nails, and eruptions on the skin, exuding a thick,
glutinous fluid / light hair, lacks fibre, fleshy, fat,
croupy tendency / constitution and temperment,
suitable for aged persons, anemic, rather obese,
with lacks fibre / generalities, weak side and other
complaints of old people, especially when inclined
to get fat, stomach, disorder from cakes, pastry,
rich or fat food / constitution and temperment,
persons of keen intellect, but feeble muscular
development, upper part of body weisted, lower part

2. Materia medica reference as of appendix b

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