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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Blesstia, we are dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of starting materials for homeopathic medicines that make a difference in healthcare. For us, this is at the core of our responsibility to our stakeholders and to society. Successful pharmaceutical innovation, delivered responsibly, brings benefits for patients, healthcare systems and the communities we serve.
Among our commitments is also to ease conflict between chemical and non chemical therapy as well as to disclosure myths regarding homeopathy.

To succeed in this increasingly challenging environment, we need to get even better at what we produce especially when we try to unify theoretically opposed entities and achieve common goals in improving healthcare that is our biggest challenge. All of these efforts are underpinned by our commitment to being a responsible company, working with integrity and delivering sustainable business development that brings value for our stakeholders, for society and for us. Respecting and promoting human rights across all our activity is one of our core priorities that is proven by our effort to remove the culpability of CAM oriented people in front of conventional medicine and wise versa. Our Code of Conduct sets out our commitment to supporting the principles of Human Rights regarding freedom in choosing therapy and the therapist but in healthy manner free of prejudice and fanaticism from one side or the other. Our commitment to reframing minds regarding the relation of the two main therapeutic systems emphasizing in the fact that there must be no opposition and conflict between them is one of our priorities.

Our commitment to reframing minds regarding the relation between homeopathy and conventional medicine emphasizing in the fact that there must be no opposition and conflict between them is one of our priorities.

Of course chemical medicines have a strong impact in the human organism but with the proper use they can be a source of benefit and relief. On the other hand homeopathy based on an absolutely different philosophy can offer the something that is missing in many cases without any counter action to what is targeted by the chemical therapy. Crude dilemma “this or the other” is artificial and suspect. Humans have the right to get free of this and act freely having in mind that the chemical part of medicine is evolving offering new therapies and medicines that cannot be ignored or devaluated since the homeopathic part of medicine is also evolving and offers new solutions making it able to get rid of the rigidities of the past and collaborate harmonically with all kind of therapies. This special corporate culture consisted of corporate and social responsibility and commitment is the milestone of our establishment for the patients benefit. This excellent working environment has been developed on mutual respect and fairness as starting values for medicinal products of great benefit for the public health.

Blesstia is working continually on practical aspects that eliminate environmental impact and conserve resources. We consider the ecological challenges posed by the growing global population and advancing climate change as part of our corporate responsibility and at the same time as an opportunity to prove that we can produce ecological medicines that respect humanity’s need for natural resources saving.

From only one medical plant one can produce big amounts of final homeopathic product with absolutely no waste material and with the use of a certain amount of purified water that is all utilized without any waste amount.

Our commitment to environmental protection, health and safety goes by far beyond the mere fulfillment of legal and compliance requirements.

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